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This magazine is about events related to the manufacturing and engineering industries in the UK. Here you will get information about the exhibitions, tradeshows or conferences that will be held in the UK.

People who are interested to visit these events or companies that want to participate in the events visit this site for information regarding registration, data, venue, and other things.

Whether you are interested in participating in these events or not, if you have a business related to the engineering and manufacturing industry, then our magazine is a great platform to advertise your products and services.

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Hardly anyone today buys a product or service without reading reviews. We can write positive reviews about your brand highlighting the best features.

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These are very prominent ads in our magazine. We can create the best banner ads for you so that the customers notice the ad and clicks on it to learn more about your company. We will provide the right message on the ad to attract more customers. The ads will be visually impressive too.


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We can place your business ad on our social media page. That way you will get a lot of leads as we have thousands of fans and followers on our social page.

For more information about the advertising opportunity, you can contact us. We will help you with everything.