Tuesday, June 22


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Have you been to a tradeshow or exhibition before? Isn’t the place exciting? So many companies participate in these events to display their new products and services.

You will get all the competitors in the industry under one roof. So, if you are interested in buying the products or services, you can compare them easily instead of going to different shops and wasting time.

However, arranging such an event takes a lot of effort, money, and time. Still, it gives a lot of good opportunities to the companies to promote and sell their products and services, improve brand awareness and increase their customer base. These events are industry-specific which attracts only those visitors who are interested in those industries. Professionals from these industries attend the events to learn about the latest innovations in the field.

Like exhibitions, conferences also allow the industry players to meet and learn about the latest works and trends in the field. There are group discussions and workshops that provide a lot of knowledge and a great networking opportunity.

In this magazine, you will learn about the various events related to the manufacturing and engineering industries. You will learn about the time and venues of these events so that you can participate. You will know in detail what you can expect at the event, which industry leaders will be attending, and lots more.

Here you will find articles regarding setting up an exhibition booth, conducting marketing activities, setting up an online event registration system, and lots more. The manufacturing and engineering industries are huge in the UK and billions of pounds of revenues are generated from these industries.

These events give these industries a scope to showcase their latest inventions to prospective clients. It also provides opportunities to collaborate and come up with better products or services. It opens doors for new businesses as well. We hope you will find this magazine informative and useful.